Business and Technology Alignment

BASG works with Clients to design, implement, or improve their business and technology environments. We enable each organization to optimize its investment in technology to enhance organizational stability, growth, and productivity.


Delivering projects aligned with business strategy requires the right skills and expertise from the outset. BASG’s Teams are sourced with highly experienced professionals, tools, and techniques that facilitate success.


Are the right people managing your projects in the right way?

BASG can take ownership of a full deliverable, or resource one or more Consultants in roles from Program Managers to Project Managers, or Business Analysts. The Team builds a bridge between business need and technology capability. Our Consultants know how to use the fundamentals of project management within the constraints of scope, time, and cost, and can also navigate errant projects back on course.

The Team’s expertise includes operational and transformational projects including:

  • Merger & Acquisition integration
  • System upgrades and implementations
  • Application development
  • Information security/data management
  • Disaster Planning or Recovery
  • Creation or maturing of a PMO


Are the business impacts of your projects being effectively managed?

The BASG Team identifies impact points and resistance within an organization so that effective change can be implemented. The focus is on the people who will be impacted and how to best engage them. Stakeholders and user groups are identified and brought along on the journey. Controlled input into the process is encouraged to ensure successful adoption of the change.

We lead the organization through the three stages of Change:

  • Strategy: Understand the nature of the change, the risks, and impacts
  • Planning: Create customized plans for stakeholder engagement, communications, training, and delivery
  • Execution: Deliver systematic, sustainable change adoption


Is your streamlined organization still running at peak efficiency?

BASG offers Certified Process Improvement expertise including Six Sigma Consultants proficient in all aspects of Business Process Management as well as automation and digitization. BASG Teams have the experience to make appropriate recommendations and lead strategy, planning, and implementation.

Process expertise includes:

  • Design and document new processes or modify existing processes
  • Monitor and measure new processes for performance
  • Optimize and improve processes through continuous evaluation

Case Studies

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Change Management Promotes Early User Adoption

A major US Bank was ready to launch a systematic eight-month rollout of “Skype as a Phone” or “Enterprise Voice Technology” whereby 29,000 employees (all employees expect those that work within a branch, call center or trading desk) would move to Skype as a phone…

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