Experienced Consultants Build Foundation for Merger Integration


Mergers and acquisitions can bring a wealth of issues and problems, many of which are uncovered only once the actual integration of People, Processes and Technology is underway.  A Charlotte-based organization in the early stage of a merger quickly recognized the need for merger-experienced, independent consultants to guide them through this effort.


BASG was able to provide Consultants who brought prior M&A experience and extensive skills in working across all levels of an organization from business segment leaders to technology and operations to vendors.

The Team began with an understanding of how the prevailing integrated organization will be structured.  Then they conducted a series of vendor, system, and application evaluations to determine the true scope of the process and technology integration work to be done and to offer recommendations on prioritization of sub-projects.  Once that initial research was substantially finished, they dove into specific focus areas including preparation and integration of customer records.  They also developed thorough documentation to guide the projects to completion.

Through the first two designed phases of the merger, the BASG Team provided support for both internal and external staff and vendors, served as project leaders, process managers and change champions, while working across the board on everything from application upgrades to system sunsetting and data integration.


The Merger, though not yet fully completed, is on target to meet its mandated deadline.  The Client is very satisfied with the work BASG has completed through the first two phases.  Subsequent phases of the merger are on a solid foundation to continue the integration.