BASG Team Helps ePMO Navigate Intricate Implementation


A mid-sized, regional Bank faced a crossroads common to most banks of that size, a need to ensure the organization can grow organically within a targeted market and create a technology environment capable of supporting its goals.  Technology had taken a back seat within the Bank during its past growth cycle and now needed to move center stage but upgrades of that scope were new to the organization which had yet to navigate through its first full scale system implementation.


The Bank asked the BASG Team to support its internal ePMO in navigating the intricacies of a large technology implementation. The primary goal for the Team was implementation of the nCino Commercial Lending platform, but its mandate went far beyond.  It became apparent the Bank needed a playbook and documented framework for all future implementations.

A major focus of the work was requirements gathering, documenting current to desired states, driving workstreams and testing.  BASG’s Lead oversaw all aspects of the project and the BASG Team worked closely with the Bank’s ePMO Team.

The Team was also asked to manage interactions with the Bank’s platform partner and other outside vendors who would contribute to the project’s success.  And they needed to serve as a liaison with a wide range of internal business partners, not all of whom understood the need for change or were ready to adapt to the new BAU that would result.


BASG utilized a structured implementation methodology to demonstrate first-hand the steps necessary to ensure the implementation would be a success.  Working side-by-side with the Bank’s ePMO led to easier knowledge transfer and replication for future implementations.

The project successfully concluded Phases I and II before COVID19 brought a temporary hold on completion of the full implementation.  The Team remained on board and re-assigned to other work while waiting for the green light to finish this flagship effort.