Risk and Compliance

BASG specializes in Technology and Operational Risk. We partner with Clients to deliver solutions tailor-made to each specific need. We employ a wide range of risk specialists to meet that goal.


BASG’s select Risk Team works across targeted aspects within the spectrum of risk and regulatory compliance. Our Consultants handle everything from creation of strategy, processes and procedures, to identification, assessing, monitoring, and responding to specific concerns.


Is your organization risk-ready?

BASG’s Risk Management Consultants offer an impressive bank of knowledge and experience. Their ability to get up to speed and range of capabilites allows them to look at each project from multiple perspectives. BASG Consultants offer solutions that are innovative, well defined, industry tested and sustainable.

BASG’s Risk Subject Matter Experts:

  • Establish well-aligned corporate objectives and strategies
  • Ensure leaders and staff are fully educated on the risk strategy
  • Develop policies, procedures, and tools
  • Build processes to identify, assess, manage, and monitor risks
  • Determine methodologies and monitor performance
  • Create a plan for effective ongoing communication within the organization


Do you know where you are most vulnerable?

BASG can assess organizational structure and advise on how to embed risk management, as necessary. We work with the internal Risk Management Team to develop and execute a customized governance model. Our Consultants can assist with the creation of internal charters and committees or evaluate the existing governance model against best practices and compliance guidelines.


  • Identify, assess, prioritize, and develop tailored response plans
  • Design cost effective strategies to avoid or reduce the impact of risk
  • Create tools for consistent monitoring and reporting
  • Implement effective communication plans and documentation
  • Develop and implement training programs and critical check points


Do you have a self-defined concern or an external audit issue?

BASG can build or support Risk Teams to address a variety of regulatory responses. They include self-identification, to external audit mediation and response. The approach, depth, size, and experience of the Team are customized to the need, the time allocated, and complexity of the issues.

BASG experts can:

  • Understand and discuss the root cause of the concern
  • Recommend corrective action
  • Implement a timely, measurable and sustainable corrective plan
  • Create checks to ensure issue is resolved and does not re-emerge

Case Studies

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