BASG Differentiators

Why Clients Nationwide choose to Partner with BASG

We make a difference through:

  • A portfolio of elite Consultants who bring their unique ability to serve not only as Thought Leaders, but also as hands-on executors to drive projects to completion.
  • A nimble and scalable model that allows BASG to expand or contract depending upon the specific Client need.
  • An experienced business perspective.
  • Seasoned Consultants who bring multiple years of industry and project specific experience. Each is specifically selected for his/her history in a work environment/culture that mirrors that of the Client.  They possess the ability to juggle multiple conflicting priorities and successfully navigate change and ambiguity.
  • A collaborative approach that starts with creation of a Team. Consultants apply versatile experience that prepared them to be “plug and play” contributors across a wide range of efforts.
  • Value-priced delivery that gives each Client access to the best talent available at a fair and affordable cost.
  • Service offerings that expand beyond our core competencies through “partnerships”.  Partner organizations are strategically chosen because their core values align with BASG and their service offerings complement our offerings.
  • An “easy to work with” approach that has been the cornerstone of BASG’s work since inception.
  • Honest communication.  We never hesitate to tell our Clients the full story, including what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear.
  • Our guarantee that we will never tackle a project if we are not confident we can meet or exceed a Client’s expectations.