Leadership of Software Update Fosters Collaborative Workspace


A large national Bank necessitated an upgrade of Office365, and organization wide move to Windows10.  These two initiatives were wrapped into a much larger initiative to improve the shared technology workplace and foster more vigorous collaboration across the enterprise.


The BASG Team supported Corporate goals by:

  • Partnering with users and Enterprise Architecture to understand application needs, configure systems and test solutions.
  • Gathering requirements across the full scope of the project.
  • Contributing to an efficiently functioning program of data analysis by researching and scrubbing files in ongoing projects.
  • Developing job aids, process guides, FAQs, training content and use cases.
  • Creating Workshop Guides and Workshop Checklists.
  • Building and maintaining pivot tables/charts for reports and presentations.
  • Creating Confluence (collaboration software) space and pages.


Client goals were met on time and within budget.  The initial partnering to understand needs and goals gave the Team the tools needed to ensure that new technology was adopted quickly and readily with minimal user reluctance.  This enabled the full organization to move forward to subsequent phases of the overall initiative faster than anticipated.

The byproduct of this overarching endeavor was reduction in support expense, consistency in operating systems, platforms and applications, easing of compliance issues and information security.