Change Management Promotes Early User Adoption


A major US Bank was ready to launch a systematic eight-month rollout of “Skype as a Phone” or “Enterprise Voice Technology” whereby 29,000 employees (all employees expect those that work within a branch, call center or trading desk) would move to Skype as a phone. This project was part of a large initiative to modernize the Bank’s corporate technology including their technology hoteling program and their plan for removal of all printers.  Due to the nature of the changes occurring to the employee technology, it was imperative to support the changes through structured Organizational Change Management (OCM) practices including development and deployment of a change communication plan and training and facilitation of the technology changes to support the user community.


A Business Advisory Solutions Group, LLC (BASG) Change Management Team was brought in to lead both Training and Communications.  Included was an emphasis on building consensus and serving as a “change leader” ready to explain the advantages of the move to large groups of employees, not all of them quick adopters of change.

The Team began by working closely with the Bank’s internal change team to gain insight into the current state, the technology changes, and the daily and weekly schedules, many of which were already in place.  They worked quickly to prepare materials and content for the training sessions and to build a communications schedule and create a tracking system in SharePoint.

They conducted live webinars and demonstrations with employees across the country and conducted special sessions for “white glove” or targeted executive audiences. BASG oversaw communications distribution and drafted communications documents as needed, maintained, and updated content on the project in SharePoint including resource guides, job aids, and FAQs.  The Lead Trainer also ran Q&A sessions one day after each training class to reinforce, one-on-one, the information provided in the group session.


Though the full project was delayed pending resolution of various technology related issues, phase one of the project was a success. Significant training was completed on time and with minimal disruption to ongoing work and solid employee buy-in achieved. A roadmap was provided to subsequent phases once the technological issues could be resolved.  The Client was exceedingly pleased with the outstanding work done by the BASG Team.