DevOps Expertise Builds Bridge Between Business/Technology


A top 10 Bank was focused on improved interaction with its customers during a period of change and growth when previously accepted techniques no longer functioned effectively, and a new approach was mandated by the economic environment.  To effectively participate in reaching that goal, key technology executives realized there was a need to bolster the Bank’s internal expertise in the then burgeoning area of DevOps.


BASG provided talent, highly skilled in DevOps development and with a long history of work in banking.  The wide-ranging experience proved adept at building a bridge between technology and business.  This created an ideal environment for collaborative success to address the rapidly changing needs of the business and to address specific development bottlenecks.

BASG assisted in patches and upgrades to applications as well as onboarding new applications to the OpenShift platform.  BASG also performed improvements and rollouts of Mobile and Virtual Wallet applications.


The organization took excellent advantage of additional talent whose skills are eminently transferable and whose diversity of experience gave the Bank ultimate flexibility to engage, as necessary.

This work has helped the Bank to steadily improve its technology environment and enhance its service offerings to customers.