July 2022

Business Advisory Solutions Group (BASG) continues to expand its business portfolio by forming working partnerships with quality organizations who add their skills/experience and expertise to face the challenges of a rapidly changing economy and the demands of the new normal in today’s post-COVID business world.

The first is a company that deals specifically in banking and financial services, but from a technology perspective.  To this partnership, BASG brings its portfolio of elite Program and Project Managers, Change Managers, Process Designers and Business Analysts.  And, in return, our partner company brings a wealth of experience in providing excellent high level technology talent from Scrum Masters to DevOps Developers to DBA’s, and Product Specialists.  The mutual sharing of resources gives both firms an expanded footprint and the talent needed to build multi-faceted Teams to drive projects to successful conclusion.

The second partnership is with a firm that focuses primarily on maximizing organizational capabilities for national and global organizations.  Their work includes everything from operational assessments to recommending and implementing solutions that allow organizations to navigate the challenges of growth, create efficiencies, and proactively manage risk.  This partnership was initially formed to tackle an ongoing multi-year project focused on operational performance and enhancement of the customer experience.

BASG is proud to work with these quality firms to better serve the needs of its existing and future Clients and to offer additional capability through excellent resources in areas such as Business Intelligence, Technology Advancement and Customer Satisfaction.


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About Business Advisory Solutions Group, LLC (BASG)

Business Advisory Solutions Group supports business profitability and growth by standing at the intersection of People, Process and Technology.  BASG has delivered tangible results that improve productivity, mitigate risk, and maximize profits for organizations.  Our Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized and owner-managed businesses across a broad range of industries and government.