BASG Executive Outlines Lessons Learned From COVID-19 on BRN

BASG Managing Partner, Don Clayton, was the guest commentator today on the Broadcast Retirement Network.  The topic was a recently released BASG Insights piece titled Business Lessons Learned and Opportunities Shaped by the Pandemic.

The Insights piece focused on the three stages of COVID19 – The Onset, The Beginning of the New Normal and the Post-Pandemic.  Were businesses ready? How did they fare and why? What will be the lingering changes in the business world as we move out of the pandemic’s grip?

The Broadcast Retirement Network (BRN) is the first lifestyle media platform focused on helping Americans achieve financial independence and to make retirement and savings culturally relevant.  It reaches 800,000 + subscribers and averages 150,000 + impressions per day.

The BRN Audience is made up of B2B and B2C executives, Legislators, Investment Consultants/Financial Advisors, and a wealth of average citizens who want to better understand and prepare for retirement.

Here is a link to the show.

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