February 2022

Business Advisory Solutions Group (BASG) kicked off 2022 with the addition of two new Clients in the banking community.  Both are listed in the Top 100 banks in the United States, by assets, and they join our Client list that includes both Top 10 to 100 Banks and mid-sized regional banks.

In our initial work with these new Clients, BASG provided tailored teams of Project Managers to meet Client goals that included integration based on M&A and general improvement of systems and processes within the existing organization.

BASG’s focus is on Banking and Financial Services with the goal of maximizing performance, mitigating risk, and enhancing profitability.  Our expertise includes operational and transformational projects including:

  • Merger & Acquisition integration
  • System upgrades and implementations
  • Application development
  • Information security/data management
  • Disaster Planning or Recovery
  • Creation or maturing of a PMO

We look forward to long term relationships with each of these Clients and pledge ongoing support to serving their needs, wherever their growth may lead, by providing elite Consultants who serve not only as Thought Leaders, but also as hands-on executors to drive projects to completion.

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About Business Advisory Solutions Group, LLC (BASG)

Business Advisory Solutions Group supports business profitability and growth by standing at the intersection of People, Process and Technology.  BASG has delivered tangible results that improve productivity, mitigate risk, and maximize profits for organizations.  Our Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized and owner-managed businesses across a broad range of industries.